(UNITY), Scouts Royale BrotherhoodIs not about what we would be,But what we would always be.Not about having the 12 jewels,But living by the 12 jewelsNot only about the 3 cardinal principles,But more about doing a good turn daily.Not only swallowing 1st pride,But about dignity of humility.Not only fraternity & sorority,But the BEST fraternity & sorority ever!SRBThat's what we are!Kulangot 18'D Omega Beta Ilagan, Scouts Royale Brotherhood International Service Fraternity will walk miles. We treat our brothers and sisters as we would treat a family member. CHEERS! SIGMA LAMBDA PHI fraternities and sororities are known because of our leadership and services. That we may establish the order created by god and his divine love, nurtured by the natural law and perfected by the law of the country.. We, pray that the zetans shall be able to seek and adhere to the truth, enrich our physical endowment through sports and its development to bound our selves to the nine vows and shall we greet each other... GOD BLESS. We bound by the law of God and Humanities. 95), Neil Bluhm (No. I will always be... Till death... Long live ZETA PHI OMEGA! Qatar – GDP per capita: $129,726 359). A sorority is learning about people, a sorority is giving without expecting a return. God Bless your ...more, Treat others as you would have them 2 treat you.. TRISKELION IS ALWAYS A TRISKELION. Aside from acquiring skills in planning and implementing service projects, the experience teaches them compassion. Proud to be FOX THTEA DELTA member.Thumbs upthumbs down. 62), Paul Tudor Jones II (president, University of Virginia, No. 95), Neil Bluhm (Nol 226), Steve Wynn (No. The only Fraternity basically founded on a solid bedrock of UNITAS to achieve its noble vision of peace and prosperity for all. Many of these activities benefit members by helping them adjust to college, make lifelong brotherhood, and to prepare for our near future. And always remember to keep the lessons in your heart and not just in your minds.For God...For country...For DeMolay! We don't recruit for quantity, we recruit only for the quality of the fraternity. Malaysia's Richest. Quantity is not important. Now, alas! FREEMAN my strength and refuge. The youngest fraternity on either list is Alpha Epsilon Pi, which was founded in 1913. "-Gray Falcon Chapter, Bukidnon-Drake chapter, Zamboanga sibugay. The values and virtues I learned has guided me in my personal and professional life. ... Philippines' Richest. As part of our investigation into the education of the Forbes 400, we looked into how many of America’s wealthiest people joined fraternities in college. Let God be the center of your brotherhood. The youngest fraternity on both lists is Lambda Chi Alpha, founded in 1909. President Ferdinand Marcos and his accomplishments: Richest in Asia, second to Japan First country to have an Airport in South East Asia In other brgy/community, krk hve a lots of project w/c can help people.Longlive Kappa rho Kappa. 179), Sigma Alpha Mu: Michael Milken (president, UC Berkeley, No. In becoming a member one should be a bona fide university and college students who excels in academics, student politics, editorials, sports and other noteworthy school activities. YOU SHALL NOT FAIL. Memon then explained why it took so long for the Mumbai cricket fraternity to plan for a cricket museum. The Richest … The most educated fraternities all over the world of all time.Batangas Varsitarian, is the world's largest fraternity of former and current residents of the province of Batangas, Philippines. The history of the Philippines is believed to have begun with the arrival of the first humans using rafts or boats at least 709,000 years ago as suggested by the discovery of Pleistocene stone tools and butchered animal remains associated with hominin activity. 6), Delta Chi: Reinhold Schmieding (social chair, Michigan State University, No. We believe that we are " UNITED IN THOUGHT AND ACTION " and from this we derive our strength and our spirit of " Brotherhood". We are all guided by the Scout Oath and Law with the three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service at its very core. 95), Neil Bluhm (Nol 226), Steve Wynn (No. 75), Joe Grendys (No. The food feeding, medical mission, tree planting, mangrove planting, commuting work, tutors and many more. Anoint us, as we lift up to you our minds and hearts. And never quit, but only in words, but never n heart, they take these just 4 fun or 4 security reason, as what they think, they forgot the real meaning of BROTHERHOOD, LOVE @ RESPECT to others. Exclusive for Criminologist, that's why they are few, no High Schools either anywhere at that time. I'm a former member of sigma lambda phi and I believe that this fraternity is no trouble record since they found. If you want to know where is the deepest sea in the Philippines, join to Navy. We thank you for the gift of life, allowing us to experience unity, camaraderie and solidarity amidst variety in our religious beliefs, customs and traditions. Service to God, Country and humanity with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism is its commitment which cannot be compromised by selfish interest.It's hard to belong but nice to be one...for its principles and idealisms are worth living and worth dying for...! He has his own style and status symbol, an iconic person with overwhelming style and fashion. Alpha Sigma Phi is the best fraternity in the Philippine as well as in the World. The Philippines is involved in a territorial dispute with China over parts of the South China Sea, and last year, filed a case at The Hague against China's actions in the region. SUPERB MAGIC FIVE FRATERNITY AND SORORITY TOGETHER AS ONE FOR PEACE AND ORDER. I am thankful and will never forget my batch mates at University of the East CM Recto in 1973. We produce quality professionals. No more, no less. So Live and continue the Zetans Legacy, And die as a part of Zeta Phi Omega Fraternity! The most popular frat was Sigma Alpha Mu whose members included Michael Milken (president, UC Berkeley, No. COLLEGE OF CRIM. We value loyalty and equality thus we don't have seniors. The process never ends until we die. And for me, a young man in the age of adolescence when I was initiated into the DeMolay codes, it was the darkest of hours. With Alpha Sig, you can be sure that you are in the right path. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. Thanks for letting our brotherhood to be included in whatever purpose of this advertisement. Hem isa taas chapter. Fearing the name who is higher than we, and it's the EVER-LIVING GOD. I feel your feelings. FOX THETA DELTA FRATERNITY INTERNATIONAL can change the life of a person for the better. For a better future, ONE LOVE. Alpha Sigma Phi helped build a better me... And I know many brothers and sisters out there agree with me on this. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, hands-on experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today. We are devoted to the welfare of our native land, the Glory of God, and our members everywhere.We are both a social group and a service fraternity. Scouts Royale Brotherhood is the fraternity that covers all that other fraternity lacks and it also is the only junior fraternity that became grand and international and separate to that of Alpha Phi Omega which was the reason why it was founded. Many are called but a few are chosen. 6), David Koch (No. Parents of the 10 Aegis Juris fraternity members charged for the death of hazing victim Horatio “Atio” T. Castillo want their children to remain under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and have sought to stop their transfer to the Manila Police District (MPD). Kappa Rho Kappa is a unique fraternity in the sense that it is involved in a lot of tangible projects that promote constructive community services, and healthy social activities. The brotherhood and sisterhood are the main object here... To meet new friends... We have lots of activities and projects done in different chapters to contribute in our society... We have many successful brod. I am one of the proud members of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - University of the East Chapter. I am equally happy to rekindle my link ...more. Through these, the group could always move towards success and without these, the organization could never carry on its objectives. All of this Almighty and Eternal Father, we thank ...more, Gamma Epsilon Fraternity gave me the opportunity to experience the true essence of the word "fraternizing" not just to my fellow fraternity brothers and sorority sisters but to the community as well. We are educated to make good and to do good, and to serve the people who are really in need. Indeed, it was so easy to conjure what each imagined branch represented, but as I analyzed each one of them, I realized that they were really excused not to join the DeMolay. We strive hard to bring honor to our Fraternity instead of bringing disgrace. Kappa Epsilon Fraternity promotes brotherhood through service to fellowmen.It distinguishes itself as a service-oriented fraternity. We believe that "INTEGRITY IS LIFE TO US" and to preserve it, we must maintain ethical standards of the highest order. TOP 11 RICHEST PASTORS IN THE WORLD: NO 1 IS QUIBOLOY OF THE PHILIPPINES! My respect is within you! Her existence had changed many lives of leaders of these two nations.Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines Inc. Is the first fraternity and sorority to practice the non-hazing program in accepting prospective members since 1982. Fraternities?.. The food feeding, medical mission, tree planting, mangrove planting, commuting work, tutors and many more. You tend to meet on a more regular basis with people in your industry, and reality being what it is, you tend to meet with them at the particular level that you occupy; so that develops a fraternity relationship.With Frat House, at times I needed to make music that would reflect what these fraternity brothers might actually listen to, but still keep it within the realm of a score; it still had to lead the viewer through the scene, or just help create the mood.Viva ZETA EPSILON ALPHA LAMBDA! They are Alex Santos, Robert Lim, Paquito Cruz and of course the famous Baltic. Wilfredo Garrido finds nothing special in the Forbes Philippines list of the richest men in the country. Click para basahin ang kasaysayan ng bansa. Trivia. Patrick Mahomes contract: Chiefs sign QB to 10-year extension, reportedly the richest in sports history There's no quarterback like Patrick Mahomes, and now there's no contract like his, either. We help and we rock! Ma buhay and mga tau gamma phi. 248), Jonathan Gray (No. BELIEVE while others are doubting.PLAN while others are playing.STUDY while others are sleeping.DECIDE while others are delaying.PREPARE while others are daydreaming.BEGIN while others are procrastinating.WORK while others are wishing.SAVE while others are wasting.LISTEN while others are talking.SMILE while others are frowning.COMMEND while others are criticizing.PERSIST while others are quitting.GOD BLESS TO ALL GAMMA EPSILON! Remember, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness if you find fault and must condemn it, DO NOT condemn it, for if you do, the first high wind will blow you away and probably you will never know why... VIVA UPSILONIANS. I LOVE SRB FOREVER! We are often the most misused, abuse and misunderstood of other fraternities. And those taking-up law, members of the CB made one frat again called Phil. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I offer you peace. A sorority is earning respect from others, as well as for yourself. FREEMAN stimulates fellowship pursuant to the objective of brotherhood and sisterhood, we made more dignified and responsible man and woman in the community in the essence of righteousness, we promote general welfare through the blessings of equality and liberty, we promotes a better education through effective and sound student-faculty relationship, unity and contact between students, we motivate the interest of management and leadership in matters involving social and/or cultural affairs both local and national, we cooperate with the administration in imposing rules and regulations of the academic institution and/or the nation as a whole, and we render assistance and services to all members in case of needs. Alpha Kappa Rho can change the life of a person for the better. It is more on building relationships and friendship despite of the differences that you have, you still make it possible to get together for ONE goal. We never imagine that we reach this far, its our golden years moments sharing our love, laugh, bonding and happiest moments, integrity, brotherhood, and sisterhood, for better or worst, that's what we are... WE ARE IN THE PLANETS OF THE APES.. and more apes will rise in the futute.. LONG LIVE! CONGRATULATIONS TO PUP-RAGAY BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY AND SIGMA BETA SORORITY AS OVER-ALL CHAMPION IN BURONYOG INTER-FRATERNITY COMPETITIONs in PUP-Ragay Campus...4dAYS AND 4 NytS.. With 33 events! BUT WE DID! They do have lot of project within the city which their primary concerns and aim are to help those who are in needs.. On January 25, 2016, he was listed as the 1,250th richest person in the world. Money & Politics . Homo luzonensis, a species of archaic humans, was present on the island of Luzon at least 67,000 years ago. 118), Delta Kappa Epsilon: Frederick Smith (No. I do have friend who are members of this fraternity every time I go out with them I feel like I am one of them.. 95), Neil Bluhm (No. ASSISTING and encouraging my prospective Brothers n Sisters... To adhere to the constitutional authority within the chapter and fraternity, governing my action with a high sense of honor... To retain in my confidence the private business of this fraternity, impressing upon my heart and mind that initiation into Alpha Sigma Phi shall bind me to as a brothers, sisters all through life... To develop a deep loyalty to my alma mater, maintaining the highest standard of scholastic purpose and performance... To devote myself to the principles of charity and patriotism, promoting the unity of spirit and purpose which prevails in Alpha Sigma Phi. -= AIM =-"TO PROMOTE BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD AND UNITY WITH OTHERS. 248), Jonathan Gray (No. The oldest fraternity on both lists is Sigma Chi, founded in 1855. 359), Ron Baron (No. 324), Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Edward Johnson III (No. Let's make this world a better place to live in. 200), Les Wexner (No. I am a proud member of this organization. Members are all united and all is equal. Surprisingly, now even in abroad there's a MAGIC-5. And always think what will be the best things that we can do to reach our goals and perform well our duties and responsibilities as the best organization existing in our country...Long live BATANGAS VARSITARIAN! I was born and destined to be a full blooded zetan. 324), Erick Lefkofsky (No. Thank you very much.. Fraternities have long been a staple of American college culture, at their best promoting values of brotherhood and a network of lifelong connections. The oldest purely social fraternity is the Kappa Alpha Society, formed at Union College in New York in 1825, followed quickly by Sigma Phi and Delta Phi, also at Union, Alpha Delta Phi at Hamilton College, also in New York, and Psi Upsilon, the oldest for which I have been able to find a flag.1 Aug 2019 The young men of the DeMolay organization are taught responsibility, integrity, and honesty, and those have been the central values in my life. Most of the member are professional and educated. All Rights Reserved. Alpha Sigma Phi was established since December 6, 1845 in USA and September 29, 1959 in the Philippines. Philippines is on a downfall since then, and if you wonder is the Philippines really rich during those time, here are some facts that might prove it is indeed true. Right now I don't understand why other fraternities hate Tau Gamma Phi... To all those fraternities creating Rivalries with them please help yourself.. Don't use them to lift up your fraternity's name! The sad part of it is that it is such a brief period in our lives that we are able to be a part of it, but it occurs at a time of great change in a young man's life. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our members by enhancing our potential, intensify friendship, promote happiness and to build a nobler brand of brotherhood and sisterhood. Alpha Phi Epsilon is willing to serve any time to god, to community, to our country and our brothers and sisters. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Philippines is a national collegiate and social fraternity, founded in 1966 at Central Mindanao University, in the Philippines. QUALITY is! Born on a farm in Richford, New York, the famed American industrialist and philanthropist made the majority of his fortune by founding the quality company.Rockefeller was 77 when his status together of the richest individuals in modern history was secured. There is no debate, no excuse, and it is neither here nor there. Among the world’s richest, Forbes real-time ranking (as of press time) places Murphy at #444, a huge jump from last year’s #1011, reported NextShark. Law Enforcer or PHI LAMBDA EPSILON. He is a versatile actor, singer, and model as well. Move like a FOX, also known as DIGAMMANS with the core values and principles that we stand in our life with integrity and dignity! The Skeptron identity is a fusion of two extremes. DeMolay combines this serious mission with a fun approach that builds important bonds of friendship among members in more than 1,000 chapters worldwide. We aspire to make the community we live in a better place. It is in this belief that we further promote academic achievement, commitment to friendship and values to our members. I'm originally from Mexico City but raised in Monterrey and Houston. Proud to be Alpha Kappa Rho! THE QUALITY OF QUALITY..! I DREAMED ABOUT ZEAL(by Brother Albert Chan)I woke up one morning,And saw a beautiful day for ZEAL,My beloved family - ZEAL fraternity/sorority,We now have a scholarship program for the qualifieds,We have official representation with the local, provincial,National government, and international,We have many affiliations,With local and international agencies, private and public,We are able to help the needy bro/sis financially or whatever,We have our national council,To work for the betterment of our organization,All our brothers and sisters are very proud that they are ZEAL,We have our yearly local and international convention,And most important of all,We are one and common in our goals for ZEAL,For ZEAL to be the greatest family that we can ever have! 226), I am a wealth reporter currently working on the 2017 edition of the Forbes 400. ZEAL IS EVERYTHING, ALWAYS LEADING.. We, the member of the ZETA PHI OMEGA honor the service fraternity mother chapter zamboanga city, republic of the Philippines, hereby to implore god the shepherd of man inspiration, guidance and strength. That is why the bond of brotherhood is very strong and deep until a betan will leave this world. I'm a Beta Sigman and I'm very proud and humble by it. And some day, all Filipino citizens will acknowledge us because of our good deeds and great devotion in terms of helping the community and serving our country. Entering an organization has negative and positive effects. Joining Alpha Sigma Phi trained me to be a people-oriented individual, a survivor and a leader, strengthening the bond of brotherhood/sisterhood everywhere... And so it is living up to the commitment of its mission "to better the man"...And everywhere we go, we feel so secure that there is an alphan around... That even if we meet them for the first time, it seem we have known each other longer than before...Whether product of hazing (as we are in the 60's to the 80's) or of the non-hazing in the later years, we still share the same brotherhood even among and between Christians and Muslims alike... Long Live Alpha Sigma Phi! We don't put up chapters in the streets just for us to have lots of members and we don't put our brothers and sisters back to initiation in case they wanna hang out in other chapters. I am a fully blooded Lambdans by heart and my mind, one fraternity of the Philippines who support the anti-hazing law starting 2014. Belonging in this organization is such another way to help other people and to being one for the glory of God our Creator. CHEERS! Hong Kong's Richest. Most of the member are professional and educated. Respect them and they'll always respect you! We all know on ourselves that we are the best. We are a god centered organization aim to build and help the country through community service. Yet, we're always under attack from many quarters of the Greek-lettered fraternities. It was intense enough to warrant a documentary of its own, Hearts of Darkness, which some say is on par with the actual film. Being an Alpha Sig is a great experience. Now I can look back and say I am glad I did, because in those darkest hours, I started to rationalize and to think, and as result, it ...more. But we also promote academic achievement as SIGMA LAMBDA PHI honor society of scholars and student leaders. That is just one example out of hundreds that we have done not only to the members but to the community. From the extreme right, comes the scathing charge that Skeptrons are visionary, utopia, impractical, dreamers, and without good common sense. All Betan is a part of my nerves and vessels. In so doing, every Kappa Epsilonian is honed to become responsible citizensWe are God-fearing people... We believe in the infinite wisdom of God Almighty. Pi Gamma Phi is where a DOSKELIONIAN Lives there HOPES and DREAMS for their country and to Serve and Protect those who are in needs of our Help... We fight for our own dignity and with our own insight.. They are fully developed and the citizens of the country could enjoy the high standards of living. HAIL GAMMA EPSILON!--- Bro Ian Baldomaro, GE Phi Kappa Chapter, Calbayog City, Samar. A true friendship that can lifetime Camaraderie. We focus more on community service, leadership training, and team building to enhance the leadership ability of our members, because we believe that hazing is not the key for us to prosper. He is one of the top most fashionable footballers in … Let us work together for unity and love. Top 10 Banks in the Philippines According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.. NOTHING GOES BEYOND OUR BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD. For 38 years, we are still united as one! From Australian Lyre Bird Chapter. Number 1 is From the Philippines !! Beta sigmans are very careful in recruiting members. Alpha Lamda Chapter Central Luzon State University (Pioneering Batch). We believe in "EQUALITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" that our greatest asset is our Human Asset, whose endeavors must be given. The fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in 1856 on the University of Alabama campus, and was the first fraternity to be founded in the South. We are educate to make good and to do good. For the service of his family, school, environment, society and God. In my feeble mind, I thought if I did not join, then I did not have to follow this seemingly additional commandment to my young life. I offer you friendship. Viva Krkeans! We believe in the "NOBILITY OF OUR PURPOSE" in the service for the welfare of our people. Serve the people-serve the nation. 200), Les Wexner (No. One more thing, you don't hear us or see us in the news because a member got involved in a petty crime or because we killed one of our brothers to be during the initiation rites. One example is that one of the member of this fraternity had brain cancer and needed too have dialysis every week. It's not only about fighting when someone is in trouble. Long live MEGANS! Phi Kappa Psi: Michael Bloomberg (president, Johns Hopkins, No. Michael Milken, front and center in white jacket. The daughters of the richest man in Boston were dressed with scrupulous plainness, and the wife and mother owned one brocade, which did service for several years. Being one of the member of Freeman is amazing...I love this fraternity I'm really happy to have a good brod and sis they are really like a real family to each other...Long live Freeman.. To faithfully observe the ethics of ALPHA SIGMA PHI. 143 135. Keep the 7 candles burning, brethren. They are screened carefully and thoroughly from the orientation until they complete their journey. 302), Bill Gross (No. Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in South Africa [ Kaizer Chiefs is 2nd ] Top 10 Best Foreign Footballers in PSL History (All Time Best ) Top 10 Most Expensive High Schools in South Africa and Their Tuition Fees 2020 Continue your aim and as well as your principles! Xian has got a charismatic look and featured in many television series and films. 8), B. Wayne Hughes (No. Thank you to all existing fraternities for we have common goal... service to humanity. I offer you love. 122), Thomas Frist (No. I suppose my fellow KE's of my time will never forget Baltic. However, the long arm of the law finally caught up with him in 2007, resulting in his arrest and deportation back to the US. IOTA CHI CHAPTER VIRGEN MILGROSA UNIVERSITY FOUNDATIONSAN CARLOS CITY PANGASINAN. It also helps the students to enhance their cognitive skills because of the fact that we are prioritizing the education. The Magic Five became FAMOUS in Metro Manila because most Policemen are members of Magic-5. 1. 278), C. Dean Metropoulos (No. Long live Sigmaphians. Triskelion make community service in there own..For the sake of our communities... Tau Gamma Phi is the best fraternity! Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. 188), Howard Schultz (No. SO Tired! "No DeMolay shall fail as a citizen, as leader, and as a man. A sorority will not solve all your problems. "Only Brave survives"So as I am...I Live and Die as a full pledge and proud! We are proud to say that we are promoting the welfare of our society and we excel in terms of education. Right after that success 3 more frat came along DSP, ARO and DSF. was president of Sigma Alpha Mu while at UC Berkeley. I obtained my BA…, I am a wealth reporter currently working on the 2017 edition of the Forbes 400. It is because, we are the guardians of sky.. No one can stop us to spread our good intention to the community, and that was love and peace.. Because we all do believe that love conquers all...8253.. Bm hope francis.. Grand megan of mega gamma omicron, university of iloilo chapter... Long lived brod and sis... We, the MEGANS, of the Megalith Nu Sigma Phi fraternity and sorority and also known as the MEGANS SOCIETY, PHILIPPINES are affirming a relationship that would remain unbroken and strong even in the last flickering moments of our lives as we cultivate this relationship through Obedience, Honor and Fortitude. From Australian Lyre Bird Chapter. The members adhere to the duly-constituted authority of the Republic of the Philippines and in the principles for which it stands for. Here is the full line-up of Forbes 400 fraternity members and their rank on this year’s list: Beta Theta Pi: Charles Koch (No. Long Live Viva Magic 5 M5! There's always a story to be told. We aim for quality membership not quantity. We are the Beta Sigmans, the chosen few bearers of the name of our great beloved fraternity, Beta Sigma fraternity, the only one fraternity existed and there ever would be. I hope this guy is still kicking around. LONGLIVE UNO! My experienced of associating with them has left an indelible mark in my mind that I will cherish in my entire life. DeMolay's lessons last a lifetime. I am not a member of this fraternity but I would like to say that they are the best.. 248), Jonathan Gray (No. I am saying it because it really is. He is also a member of the fraternity that produced the most … It has honed me to become a responsible citizen, who fear nobody and nobody in standing and speaking up for what is just and what is right.In Kappa Epsilon, we strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination amongstudents for under the principle of equality, no ethnic, social, racial, cultural, religious or political qualifications is a requirement, as long as he believes in the promotion of brotherhood through service to fellowmen. The 28 years old Filipino-American is also #11 in Forbes’ America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40. Long Live KRK"To follow, to lead, to master. The eagle flying above the sky under his great wings is the great sun accompanied by 3 star.. Aug 26 1975.. This is a manifestation that we are united and we love each other,... Gamma Epsilon is not only building Brotherhood and Sisterhood but also building love, care and unity. We can easily relate ...more. 122), Delta Sigma Pi: John A. Sobrato (No. Duterte said that this shows a lot of promise for the cities outside of Luzon. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our members by enhancing our potential, intensify friendship, promote happiness and to build a nobler brand of brotherhood and sisterhood. If you want to climb the mountainous areas of the Philippines to have adventures, join to Army but if you want to meet peoples with different customs and traditions in the Philippines and around the world, you have to be marked as Zealains...Jaylord... SANA MABUHAY NA ULET ANG CHAPTER DITO SA MANILA.. ZETA EPSILON ALPHA LAMBDA IS THE BEST.. BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD NEVER QUIT UNTIL I DIE.. JUST FOR YOU I BOUND TO SUFFER BROTHERS AND SISTERS.. ONE OF THE OLDEST FRAT AND SOR IN THE PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL.. In the long run student all over the city and suburbs became interested and joined in the Brotherhood movement. For the service of his family, school, environment, society and God. We do not write on walls in our surroundings but our achievements can be seen in newspapers, magazines and televisions. Even we ArE out numbered.. To avoid the authorities, Mercado later fled to the Philippines where he married a socialite and tried to keep a low profile. THROUGH THE YEAR OF 1975 WILL NEVER LEAVE THE HEART OF ALL SARABA! We don't believe in strength in numbers, we'd rather go for one's character and what he can do in service of God, the Country, our Families and the Fraternity.

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