You wouldn’t believe how many long time shooters pick up a micro-compact and have problems at first. Zero problems after 300 rounds. It’s my first time carrying with a red dot, and I can’t believe that I’ve been missing out for so long. Very smooth, accurate. It’s my understanding that the M&P line keeps the firing pin fully cocked (or lets say 98% cocked) before the trigger is pulled. Springfield Armory has created a concealed carry 9mm that has what it takes, in features and capacity. Thinking about the purchase? Additionally, SIG has 12 round magazines available for the P365, and the Hellcat has 13 rounders. I would suggest shooting from a braced position and/or let the RSO dump a mag. After shooting, carrying and living with the Hellcat for almost 3 months now, here are my honest to God thoughts and impressions on this offering. Both 9mm. It’s in the perfect stop for me, and gives me a distinct feel that lets me know I’m in the exact position that I should be in. I have several firearms ranging from a small 380, several 9mm’s and 45 ACP’s, and a couple of full size 1911’s. Opinions and problems with Springfield hellcat /Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0. Mine had issues with Sig V Crown both 115 and 124 grain along with the new Sig CCW hollow points. Learn more in our Springfield Hellcat review... words-min read. However I know i won’t lose my grip on it, it shoots great, points naturally and the trigger is nice and smooth. To many, this is a non-issue, but thought I’d mention it. I’ve been shooting 4" version and loved it. This was a very well thought-out concealed carry gun, of which has been the most comfortable for me to carry. jbuell4186. I literally have to wear a tucked in undershirt to not be rubbed raw to the point of bleeding. Springfield Armory released a new gun, the XD-E pistol, during the NRA convention last week. OUT OF STOCK (3) Hellcat 9mm 11rd Magazine. Is this a term yet? It’s been over 2,500 rounds now with my OSP model, and that’s the one I’ve been carrying for the last 2.5 months. The Springfield Hellcat poses a real challenge to the Sig P365. You can’t go from 9mm to 40 without changing the slide. For EDC you will probably prefer shorter one. 99. I would suggest watching some of the video’s dealing with issue. Springfield Hellcat 9mm: Features and Specs. There is an optics-ready version of the Hellcat as well. I received a holster from CrossBreed Holsters that I started using right away, and spent many hours at the range with the Hellcat to put it through some paces. "A dealer in TX had a hellcat with similar issues problem was a defective lifter." Certainly, examples like the Kel-Tec P11 have existed for years, but until SIG Sauer released the P365, interest had been more muted. As for Hellcat, not sure I’d want to be on a witness stand, if I ever had to use it in self defense, and have to explain why a chose a firearm named “Hellcat” for personal defense. I’d probably also get a 9mm RSA, but I don’t think it is necessary. Here is some advise; be careful about asking what people hate or like about specific firearms. Perhaps, after all, that optics mount is the single largest difference between the two. Springfield Hellcat Features and Specs. I have no plans on replacing the trigger. The size is said to be a little small among people with large hands, but considering that I have average-sized hands, it’s a perfect fit for me. Performance Differences. *random occurrence -> my front sight was about 1mm off to the left, and I had it centered when I realized it and verified POI. Today, I got my first taste of Springfield Armory’s new Hellcat pistol… and so far I like it. Just wanna know if anyone likes or hates them and any problems with them. Only thing about carrying it is the grip is like sandpaper and will destroy your belly and shirt after a while. Share your thoughts below. The Springfield Hellcat comes with a spare, added-capacity magazine (the magazines are all-steel), lock and zippered case for storage. 10 MM.45 ACP. The Hellcat looks like a great competitor. Until then, to me it means my 365's are both running fine. Our Custom 1911 pistolsmiths have over 200 combined years of experience and individually hand fit every major component of your firearm. Bought one? The sights on the Hellcat are, honestly, a little ‘meh’ after using them for a few months. Shooting was the … Replaced." Processing times are now between 2 … As near as I can tell, the problem is directly related to my short fingers. To be honest… nothing I could say negative about this firearm. The author preferred the Springfield Hellcat’s sights. I should clarify, when I said I have no experience with this, it is because my M&P is not used for CC, and therefore I have not tried it with a holster under my t-shirt. I can vouch for the aggressive grip texture, I’ve posted multiple times about it. January 22, 2020, 10:29pm #1. I yea that why I’m gonna rent them but just wanna see if anyone had any problems with it. We got the Glock 48 and 43X, which offer ten rounds in a slightly bigger platform, and SIG released the bigger P365 XL model. I’ve used 3 DOT sights, no complains. SIG gave us ten rounds in a flush-fitting magazine, but Hellcat dialed it up to 11 and gave us one more round. This one comes in 3 versions : 3.6", 4", 4.25" barrel. On the range, using Winchester ball ammunition, the SIG is slightly more accurate in slow fire. I have a short barrel XDm that’s a bit too bulky for IWB. I know some complain about recoil but I personally don’t mind putting 50 or so rounds at the range with it. Reliability: This is one reliable gun so far. Find Springfield Hellcat for sale at Omaha Outdoors. I recommend the Hellcat for carry. Plus had same ftf with Black Hills Hollow points. One other thing to consider… It’s my understanding that the M&P 40 only requires a barrel swap (or aftermarket conversion barrel) to fire 9mm (9mm magazines recommended). Pocket Sized Powerhouse: Springfield Armory Hellcat Review In uncertain times, people look to their security. $23.99 $ 23. The easiest way for us to summarize the new Hellcat is like this: it’s kinda’ like a single-action Glock, with super high capacity, and effectively the same size as a Sig P365. I currently carry a 9mm shield. The Springfield Hellcat 9mm is obviously intended to run head to head with SIG Sauer’s P365 and other ultra-compact 9mm carry pistols. "It was a broken rocker arm on cylinder 6. - Sound System/Tweeter - 3000 miles was all it took to blow the tweeter behind the drivers seat! The Springfield Armory Hellcat just might be an answer to my concealed carry gun prayers! I have sweaty palms, and this grip truly helps out by keeping my hands where they need to be. One of my favorite things about the gun is the same style texture that they use for the grip, located where your index finger should rest on the frame when you’re keeping that finger off the trigger. Guns & Gear. Hellcat trigger issue The statement about this being the only site listing Hellcat trigger issue is bogus, just do a search on ‘Hellcat trigger issues‘. I know, that’s a pretty bold statement, but the innovations Springfield has brought to this gun are not only exciting and functional but incredibly impressive. Included inside the Hellcat box are a 13-round magazine with an extended base pad, as well as an 11-round flush-fitting magazine. I’ve been looking at the sub-compact double stacks as well. I know I’m late to the conversation but my first carry gun was the s&w m&p 9c. That’s just me though. I wasn’t sure if I would get tired of the grip texture, which consists of peaks and valleys that are meant to dig into your palm when you apply pressure. A follow up review should follow once I get that taken care of. Having to wear an undershirt is hardly a disqualifier to me. I have not done this, but plan on getting a conversion barrel in the future for the added caliber option. I actually love the gun but it gets heavy to carry. Just wanna know if anyone likes or hates them and any problems with them. We will learn in a few months some guesses at sales numbers. I recently got the Hellcat and I love it. Lots of aftermarket support, and a great track record. I got a piece of fabric and put it between myself and the grip and no more problem. The Hellcat trigger and sights are good, the SIG trigger is excellent and the sights are ok. The Hellcat's first impressions were nearly perfect until this one incident, which may or may not be reflective of a possible issue. Featuring 11+1 rounds of 9mm, and 13+1 with an extended magazine, it usurps SIG Sauer’s P365’s position as top dog when it comes to capacity and simply kicks dirt in the face of the 6+1 Glock 43. It seems like a problem Springfield will be able to easily fix, and that would also give them the chance to perhaps upgrade the hollow strikers which seem to fail in a specific spot at the rear. People were originally excited about the new pistol. The Hellcat that was sent to me came with an RMSc red-dot sight already mounted and zeroed. I recently purchased a FS M&P 2.0 and thought I’d pipe in. Check out our full review here. ETA- here's a pic of where the Hellcat strikers are breaking: 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. I’ve heard some people worry about how the grittiness of the handle would feel under a shirt, but have no experience with that, and haven’t heard of that complaint with actual owners. When the dust settles the Springfield Hellcat has its additional round of capacity up its sleeve and the OSP version is optics ready, but it’s left holding rather slippery slide serrations. My original Springfield Armory Hellcat came in early October, and then my OSP version came a few weeks later. Custom Handguns. There’s no mistaking that Springfield put a lot of attention and detail into the Hellcat. Be it a common mugger or a full blown insurrection, people are universally concerned with defending themselves and their family from violent attack. Springfield Hellcat vs P365. OUT OF STOCK (0) IO HELLCAT PISTOL 380ACP NKL. While it may not affect all Hellcats it is a known issue affecting a good number of them. People were originally excited about the new pistol. That said, I think Hellcat to Shield is a better comparison for size. I do have to watch flinching and train myself but I’ve had that with other small guns and is probably just me, but i have good groups with it even compared to my m&p. Ever. Thanks for the input, @Spence . Here this weekend or next I’m gonna rent them and test them out. Observations. I’m looking at purchasing a new edc and I’m looking at the Springfield hellcat, S&W M&P 2.0. It’s a small thing, but goes a long way. OUT OF STOCK (4) Springfield Hellcat 9mm 3'' Black. The P365 proved you could take a tiny gun, and cram ten rounds into it and have it take up the same space as a single stack 9mm. The TRP is based off the custom Professional Model HRT 1911 developed by Springfield Armory for the FBI. XD-S MOD.2 OSP Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of the XD-S Mod.2® OSP™ 9mm. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit: Springfield Armory Hellcat - Inside Waistband Concealed Carry - Cover Mag-Button - Widened Entrance - No Wear, No Jitter. Unfortunately, I am one of the people who have problems with the factory Hellcat trigger. The only thing I could say right off the bat is the Hellcat is a very small gun and the kinds of issues you’re mentioning are often a result of poor grip or form. I am an audiophile but never had the volume over 32 and normally its between 28-30. With all of that said, I like it enough to consider a compact version for EDC… but if I do, that purchase will be awhile from now, as I’m very comfortable with my current single stack EDC options. I liked the idea in the beginning, and still like the implementation. Springfield Armory Hellcat. Springfield Hellcat Trigger & Sights The trigger on the Hellcat is comparable to similar market options. No problem to find great holster for M&P. It’s a great carry gun, has an excellent capacity for such a compact size (11+1 and 13+1 with extended magazine), and has not given me a single issue to date. No but Springfield Service said it would fire Federal HST fine but first I have heard of the Hellcat being finicky about ammo. With big capacity in such a small carry gun, the Hellcat is poised to become a top seller. I love double stack grip, so my vote is for S&W M&P9 2.0 Springfield Armory HellCat Micro-Compact 9mm 11rd & 13rd 3" Bla. Shooting is the ONLY way for you to make a firearm decision. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Opinions and problems with Springfield hellcat /Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0. The Hellcat is about six pounds and the SIG is about five pounds. Springfield Armory says that the Hellcat took two years from concept to creation. I like it a lot. It’s a nice small 9mm carry piece which accepts double-stack mags in a grip frame that’s not much if any thicker than many single-stack CC poppers. Have you seen/shot the Hellcat? They aren’t Lisa Simpson stubby, but short enough to run into occasional trigger problems with a variety of pistols. You can read my Springfield Hellcat review for additional information on my experiences there. That is a good reserve of ammunition. There’s no mistaking that Springfield put a lot of attention and detail into the Hellcat. The Springfield Armory Hellcat is as easy to use well as some larger guns, more accurate than smaller guns, and holds 14 rounds of 9mm with the extended magazine in place. Although I’ve read that many people don’t like the trigger “feel” or the two-piece hinged design, I like it (although I also practice/carry revolvers, DA/SA, and striker fired firearms depending on the situation and risk assessment). Springfield Armory® is proud to introduce the Ronin™ 1911 in 10mm, a powerful and reliable pistol built for a lifetime of service at an MSRP of just $849. The 365's had issues that were resolved. After shooting, carrying and living with the Hellcat for almost 3 months now, here are my honest to God thoughts and impressions on this offering. Fortunately for us, recent introductions to the market have set new benchmarks in the capacity-versus-size game. Shoot-clean-lube-repeat. I didn’t find it to be spectacular but also did not experience any real issues with it. I don’t want to get into a “safety between your ears,” debate, but… Although I like the 2.0, I prefer the striker fired handguns that have partially cocked firing pins (or DA/SA pistols) for CCW because of personal reasons. I rented a couple Glocks, a Sig (229), and the M&P 2.0 before purchasing. This was a very well thought-out concealed carry gun, of which has been the most comfortable for me to carry. As far as the M&P go, they are great guns. The M&P 2.0 pointed very naturally for me, follow up shots were very easy, and accuracy was good. Oh well. Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with this new offering from Springfield. MSRP $1,648 - $1,842. I have no malfunctions to report with the ammo I've run through it. The size is perfect for carry and my hand size. Just recently got the m&p m2.0 4.25" I changed the sights to some trijicon night sights because I heard someone say the front sight will have issues down the road. It’s all personal preference. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The Springfield Armory Hellcat ($599, is a striker-fired 9mm pistol designed for carry that boasts a 13+1 capacity. It’s always going to be a ‘to each their own’ scenario, but for me, it’s everything that I want in a grip for a daily carry gun. We think that Springfield Armory has a winner here. With support from Federal Ammunition and Action Targets, Off the Reservation’s Clay Martin put the Hellcat through this challenging test over the span of two days. The trigger includes a safety blade (like many other handguns) that must be depressed for the gun to be fired. I’m looking at purchasing a new edc and I’m looking at the Springfield hellcat, S&W M&P 2.0. One gripe was that it is heavier than some of the competitors, but I think that also reduced felt recoil (it’s a 40). Nice non slippery grip with adjustable back straps. The concept is nice, but I’m still not completely on board with that U-dot setup. One of best looking hand-guns ! The Springfield Hellcat I was sent is the OSP model, though as of yet I've not secured an optic for it. It’s a serious contender to others in the category, such as the Sig P365, which took the industry by storm in early 2019. Springfield Hellcat Review – Our Take. I’m biased against anything from Springfield. Both 9mm. Springfield Armory’s Hellcat OSP is the latest in a relatively new category, the micro-double-stack pistol. I’m thinking at this moment why I do not shoot it everyday. In fact, they call … To me, what is so impressive is the foresight or “lead,” if you will, given two years development time. His EDC is a Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP, with a Shield Sights RMSC Red Dot, that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in a Vedder Holsters ComfortTuck IWB holster. No single malfunction. Sig’s little 9mm has made a big splash in the market, and it changed what concealed carry looks like. Howev… Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. SA Hellcat - doesn’t fit my hand, cannot say anything about this pistol. “Micro-compact” pistols like the SIG Sauer P365 SAS and Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP are setting the stage for a new era in concealed-carry handguns. Well, it will be soon.

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